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Electric Dog Fence Outline

Laura H. |

July 11, 2019

“Denny and Sherry provide service that is unprecedented! We had a fence installed in 2017 - winter of 2019 with feet of snow and polar vortex temps we called because our dog escapes the fence - 1st time ever! They were out and helped us trouble shoot- the fence was fine - no breaks and collar worked too! As it turns out the snow was so high at the end of the driveway and our dog is so tall that his collar was above the range that was set for the fence - Denny figured it out- adjusted the fence settings and we were good for the next snowfall and the one after that Denny, sherry- thank you!!! ”

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Nancy P. | Mineral Point, WI

December 8, 2019

I am so happy with my fence! Our dog stays in the yard and comes when called now!

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Brian R. | Belmont, WI

October 19, 2019

Denny and Sherry did great job it is a great feeling that my German short hair is safe thanks again

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Thomas G. | Naperville, IL

May 29, 2019

Dennis and Sherry are great and the Dog Guard fencing is perfect for our dog. The fence was installed quickly, and they trained our dog before they left, and they even made follow-up calls to us to be sure our pup was acclimating to the system. Highly recommended.

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Peggy F. | Dodgeville, WI

April 29, 2019

Communicated great, gave us pointers on how to train dog. The fence works great. Followed up after install to make sure we were satisfied.

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Richard R. | Davis, IL

July 12, 2018

They are very professional. Explained everything very well. Cam our Boston Terrier was trained before they left. Four days later they called back asking how things were going and if we had any questions. I would recommend them to every one !!!!!

Electric Dog Fence Outline

Jesse M. |

November 21, 2017

Denny and Sherry are awesome to work with. I was referred to them, and for good reason. I called them up about a price on installing an underground fence for my dog and they were able to give that to me right over the phone. Once I gave them the go ahead they were here just a few days later (today). They were here and done in no time. Once they were finished installing they were diligent about showing my dog around his new boundary lines and taking as much time as needed to show me how to do this on my own. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to install a "out of sight fence". Thanks Denny & Sherry!

Cris M. | Freeport, IL

June 24, 2021

On time, very efficient and the product works!

DJ Schuett |

May 9, 2021

I could tell from our first meeting that Dennis and Sherry are animal lovers trying to help customers improve the quality of life for their pets. Service was quick and reasonable priced. Our dogs are loving the ability to roam outside and we love that we do not have to worry about them leaving the yard. I would Highly Recommend them to install an invisible fence for you if you are in the market for one.

Cali S. |

September 16, 2020

Very quick installation and works great!

Molly D. |

August 27, 2020

We are extremely satisfied with our newly installed underground fence. The installation and training went smoothly. We highly recommend Tri State Dog Guard to everyone!

Mary C. |

August 3, 2020

I felt that the Crists were very conscientious and concerned about the customer as well as the dog. They tried to make sure that installation and training were satisfactory before leaving and called twice in the days following to be certain that I was satisfied and that my dog had responded well to the training.

Patricia C. | Dubuque, IA

July 4, 2020

I felt that these people were very conscientious and interested in helping the customer. They guaranteed that my dog would be trained to know the fence boundaries by the time they left on the day of installation, and she was. Furthermore, they have called twice since then to inquire how she is doing.

Lori D. |

June 29, 2020

Denny had the fence in and was training our dog within a few hours. It’s been a game changer for us to be able to let the dog roam the yard and play fetch without worry. Our dog Brix picked up the concept in no time at all. Thank you TRi-State Dog Guard for the awesome service and protecting our sweet new puppy.

Brandi M. | Monroe, WI

June 15, 2020

Thank you so much Dennis and Sherry! You two are so knowledgeable and just awesome people to work with. Dennis, the way you worked with Charlie and had him trained before you left was amazing. You both gave me perfect instructions on how to continue with his training in the following days and weeks. This is an investment that was truly important to my husband and I so we could feel comfortable giving Charlie the freedom he deserves and for him to be safe. Thanks so much!

Marlyn W. | Blanchardville, WI

June 15, 2020

Dennis and Sherry did a great job installing the fence and also training Wahlie. Thank you very much Marlyn and Michele Wahl

Alysse M. |

April 17, 2020

Denny and Sherry are amazing. I love the contact that they keep with us. We are so happy that Maddox is able to enjoy the front yard with the family now.

Melissa F. |

May 29, 2019

Denny and Sherry are very friendly and easy to work with. Answer any questions I have and love that they followed up after they installed the fence for the dogs!

Chip F. |

April 29, 2019

Great job on dog fence, communicated well, fast install, followed up to see if it was working. Would recommend!

Dominique C. | Lancaster, WI

July 23, 2018

Nice folks

Matt W. |

June 24, 2018

Great people to work with

Dee N. |

May 3, 2016


Steve H. |

March 1, 2014


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